Our Team

Sales and Marketing

Trained product specialists that has also been in the industry for years are capable to understand customers’ needs and requirements, providing them with solutions and application advice


Our integrated logistic system and equipped storing infrastructure allow the team here to ensure prompt delivery of goods in impeccable conditions

Operations & Customer Service

The smooth flow of the whole supply chain is the main focus here, from the time the purchase order is received to the delivery of the goods. Further enhancing and prioritizing customers’ satisfaction, the team here is ready in responding to customer’s calls.

Technical Service

Installation, Training, Preventive Maintenance, Repairing, Service Contract, Training Courses


Consist of prominent professionals from different industries who are recognized and renown in their specific fields of work and experience in both the government and private sectors. They are here to provide novel solution, advised and guidance to our customers thus helping them in getting the best results based on their individual applicants.