Tay Scientific Instruments Sdn Bhd is leveraging unique expertise in equipment and instruments to propose a full service offering beyond its own installed base and at all stages of product life. Scheduled, recurring, preventive maintenance by certified service professionals maximizes the equipment’s efficiency and minimizes costs. The increased availability of clean power and the continuity of your business are both essential to rapid corrective repair acts.

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Comprehensive Service Agreement

We provide peace of mind that your equipment are completely covered

PM Agreement

A Preventive Maintenance (PM) Agreement can help you maintain the efficiency of your equipment/instrument
at a surprisingly low cost. We’ll do the work on-site or at our professional service facilities. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Installation and Commissioning

We ensure that your new equipment is properly installed, commissioned according to the latest standards by professionally trained field service engineers based on optimum care and professionalism.


One of the key set of protocols within equipment validation is Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ). IQ/OQ/PQ services performed by Tay Scientific Instruments provide you with a comprehensive documentation solution that includes rigorously tested protocols executed by a certified field service engineer.

Classroom and On-site Training

We provide an excellent classroom/on-site training service that makes it easy to arrange training for you

Troubleshoot & Repair

We have expert technicians equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet all of your instrument technology repair needs.  Making sure your instrument technologies are in good health.

Relocation and Re-installation

You can rely on our expertise when it comes to relocating or re-installing strapping equipment/instruments and systems

PC and Software Support

We support various types of IT applications and software.

Application Support

Application support services help enterprises identify and find solutions for issues cropping up within the many components of complex business systems. We work to ensure that your world class systems consistently deliver value and add to your organization’s efficiency.


The convenient way to ensure the continued accuracy and availability of all your test assets is through our expanded calibration services. We will work with you to build a personalized solution

Instrument Rental Program

Sometimes the terms of funding or the duration of a research project don’t justify purchasing instruments. So we have created the Rental Program to ease needs.

Windows Upgrade Service

To keep your business running smoothly, Tay Scientific Instruments Sdn Bhd offers fast, professional services to help proactively update your systems.