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Precisa has been manufacturing balances since 1935, producing a state-of the-art product range which reflects traditional Swiss characteristics such as precision, quality and reliability.

Precisa Precisa MS0805Application Note: Moisture Determination of CementThis information is intended as a guideline for development of a moisture analysis method and parameter setting. Materials vary throughout the world and we will be more than happy to test customers’ individual samples.

Precisa Analytical weighing is necessary for the testing, processing, production and packaging of food and beverage. 🍏It is vital for adhering to safety and hygiene requirements.


Discover Precisa’s Series 520 PT Analytical and Precision Balances!

This advanced Swiss technology combines accurate, repeatable results with modern aesthetics within an easy-to-use interface.

Precisa Most of us have never had the requirement to use more than the basic weighing function of a scale. However, many weighing balances are capable of much more advanced functions which can simplify a variety of complicated tasks. This handy article presents a quick summary of some of the main functions of weighing balances, enabling you to get the most out of yours  

Precisa Water and moisture content play an important role in the processing and quality of products in many industries including pharma products, the food industry, agricultural sector, construction materials and more.Precisa’s moisture content analysers are compact and robust, with their use in the lab leading to significant improvements in production and savings in time and cost.Discover our cutting edge moisture analysers today:…/moisture-analysers/#moistureanalyser

New WaterLab Products

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Waterlab is an indispensable tool for the quality control of products and ingredients in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

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