Reagents & Chemicals

Inorganic reagents & solvents for classical analysis in different quality grades for individual needs.

EMSURE® Analytical Reagent (AR) for analysis application
LICHROSOLV® High Purity Solvent for HPLC
UVASOL® High Purity Solvent for UV IR Spectroscopy
TITRISOL® Concentrated Volumetric Solution
SUPRAPUR® Reagent for metal trace analysis
TITRIPUR® Ready to use standard volumetric solutions of Acids & Alkalis
CERTIPUR® Certified Standards, Reference Material & Buffer
APURA® Karl Fischer Reagents

Culture Media

Unique granulated dehydrated culture media

  • Minimize dust and contamination of workspace
  • Prevents clumping even under humid or warm conditions
  • Dissolves rapidly in water

    HPLC Column

    Chromolith® HPLC column made of monolithic silica gel allows excellent separations in fraction of time that standard particulate columns require.

    TLC and HPTLC

    Separations with TLC plates that offer excellent adherence, hardness
    and surface homogeneity.

    Photometer and Calorimeter

    Innovative solution for all types of water testing. Pre-programmed for a wide range of test kits, for easy water analysis.

    Reflectometer and Test Strips

    Quantitative monitoring on raw materials used in all stages of production processes in agriculture, food or water analysis, hygiene monitoring or industrial analysis.

    Test Strips & Colorimetric Test Kits

    Quick and reliable visual test for semi quantitative analyses in food, water and environmental analysis.

    Chemicals, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

    Wide range of products, including organic/inorganic chemicals, buffers,
    carbohydrates, enzymes, forensic tools, hematology and histology, nucleotides, proteins, peptides, amino acids and their derivatives.

    Analytical Standard Chemicals, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

    Wide range of products, including analytical standards, natural products, APIs, impurities & metabolites and more than 18,000+ stable labelled
    standards. These products are used in numerous applications, including forensic science, environmental analysis, and pharmaceutical and
    medicinal R&D.